25 September

Having Fun in Computing

Thoughts passed from a Greek cow-in-spirit

Adamo a true to the blood Greek BOFH and part-cow (at least in spirit, though he seems to be running OpenBSD and FeeBee at least some of the time) has an interesting article with a quote about "having fun in computing". The article is in Greek, but of course the quote is in English, so go read it already!

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Re: Having Fun in Computing

Well, actually my BSD history goes like this:

SunOS 4.1.1 -> Ultirx 4.3 -> NetBSD 0.9 -> FreeBSD 3.0 -> OpenBSD 2.7 -> DragonFly BSD 1.2 (and most of the newer versions as well). I even tried once the short lived xMach.

Platforms include pmax, sparc (32 + 64) ia32 and ia64. I was always trying to find some time to test the 4.4BSD PA-RISC port but never really managed to get to do that.

These days I dual boot OpenBSD and Ubuntu.

Posted by: adamo at September 26,2007 21:07
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