13 October

why use windows for my desktop

i'm using windows for my desktop atm and after reading some posts on misc@ talking about the lack of support of flash in openbsd, i thought to myself why i don't run openbsd for deskstopping.
everyone has different meanings and needs/desires for personal desktop. lemme enumerate some of mine:

i missing having virtual desktops, although i've tried some virtual dimension and the microsoft powertoy but in the end had some issues with windows appearing where they shouldn't
i think my ideal desktop would be a intel mac, i just have ppc mac mini which by the way any webpage with flash content can put the machine to a crawl, starting the fan whine!!
with an intel one i could have games on windows and all the other desktop on the mac. the mac feels more natural to me in many ways but still drives me crazy on others.
but hey, i'll just keep dreaming on ... like always ;-)

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Re: why use windows for my desktop

You should buy a macbook to run OpenBSD, Windows, Macosx, Linux and *what you want* ;). Remember: Cows uses macbooks.

Posted by: r0sk at October 15,2007 11:29
Re: why use windows for my desktop

first (and most important): flash will put the CPU of your box to the limit whatever the OS is (I've test that with XP, OSx, Linux and FreeBSD), FLASH IS A COMPLETE SHITZ! (yeah, and I know how cool youtube is, and those funniest sites with "killing zombie" games and the such)

second: do you like itunes? use OSX...

third: perhaps the time MS realize that his base system is shit, and perhaps the time MS switch from that base to a unix-like one, perhaps then something from MS could be considered a "good desktop operating system"

Posted by: Wu at October 19,2007 20:10
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