29 October

resizing partitions in os x

so bootcamp is no longer available from the apple.com as it's now been integrated with leopard but i needed to resize a macbook drive so i could install windows.
i searched around and found out that diskutil now does this and it seems that's how bootcamp does the resizing. here's how:

root# diskutil resizeVolume disk0s2 86000M "MS-DOS FAT32" "Windows" 25000M
Started resizing on disk disk0s2 Macbook
Resizing Volume
99% ..Adjusting Partitions

Finished resizing on disk disk0s2 Macbook
You will need to manually reformat your new partitions.
WARNING: You must now reboot!

this will resize the current partition to 86GB (no need to mention the filesystem cause you can't change that), then specify that you want a 25GB FAT32 volume labeled Windows.
before this it spit this error 9972 and couldn't resize. i had to run disk utility on the disk but it couldn't repair neither. so i had to boot in single user, repair the filesystem and then back to the system where i run the above command. i tried running it on single user but it just stood there doing nothing, no output whatsoever.

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Re: resizing partitions in os x


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