15 August

SPARCbook 3GX donation

Robert Bagnall kindly donated three SPARCbook's by Tadpole: one 3GS and two 3GX to the OpenBSD project.
After picking them up in Brussels, one will be shipped to Martin Reindl (martin@) and another one to Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd (a long time OpenBSD activist) while I'll keep a 3GX.

First project on my TODO list is to add support for the DBRI (Dual Basic Rate ISDN) chip used in the SPARCbook for both ISDN and audio.
NetBSD already has support for it but we cannot just import it 'as is', the code there is just too close to the GPL code used in the Linux version of the driver.

That said, I'm off to read the data sheets -- cu.

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