18 November

old skool distro: redhat 5.2

my 1st distro that i tried was redhat 5.2
i or was my cousin bought this cd set, which wasn't from redhat itself but one of those that you buy in the bookstores.
at the time i wasn't able to configure X which was a turnoff for me so i moved on.
a few years later i discovered this redhat 5 installation guide belonging to my employer.
so today i installed 5.2 and read the install guide. i wish i had that book before, it's nothing special but back in the day it would have helped.
i learned some rpm stuff and played around with fvwm. also compiled the kernel "just for fun", which was 2.0, following the instructions on the book. i played with xconfig and it compiled under a 1m on a pIII@1ghz.
it's interesting to see in it's preface, that they put the question "what's is linux?" and even quote the famous linus email announcing that he was doing this operating system.

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