05 March

Beware Of The Cows!

They've got a wiki too now!

After we've got our "new" domain (bsdcow.org) and have put our old site up again, today I did a bit of work on making the new site a wiki. The layout is based on http://openbsd.org.pt - many thanks and m4d gr33tz!

User accounts are the same as for this filthy blogz0r... assuming any of you slackerz remember them :-) Here's how to edit pages for open.bsdcow.org.

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Re: Beware Of The Cows!

YES!, the cows are back online!

Now we only need a cvs/svn/darcs/whatever repo to put our major/beloved project, 0p3npronservd, sources online too!

Posted by: Wu at March 05,2008 14:32
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