20 July

Make FireFox, Chrome, Lynx resolve IPv6 pages in OpenBSD

So far it defaults to IPv4

Finally got native IPv6 at home. Setting it up with ifconfig $IF inet6 autoconf is a breeze, but Firefox just ignored it. Actually, whenever there was the choice of reaching a site by IPv4, it preferred that. As did Chrome, as did Lynx.

As soon as I figured out that it's not just Firefox, the finger started to point at DNS. Turns out the solution is found in resolv.conf(5). At the time of writing, the DNS resolver "prefers" IPv4 addresses. The solution can be had as simple as:

echo 'family inet6 inet4' >> /etc/resolv.conf.tail

To give the priority to IPv6 (aka inet6 in ifconfig speak). I found testmyipv6 a good place to start for a solution, while test-ipv6.com gives a more comprehensive test (but requires JavaScript). The one thing that opened my eyes was the IPv6-only site test in test-ipv6, as soon as I noticed that this one works, things became more clear.

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