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13 October

why use windows for my desktop

i'm using windows for my desktop atm and after reading some posts on misc@ talking about the lack of support of flash in openbsd, i thought to myself why i don't run openbsd for deskstopping.
everyone has different meanings and needs/desires for personal desktop. lemme enumerate some of mine:

i missing having virtual desktops, although i've tried some virtual dimension and the microsoft powertoy but in the end had some issues with windows appearing where they shouldn't
i think my ideal desktop would be a intel mac, i just have ppc mac mini which by the way any webpage with flash content can put the machine to a crawl, starting the fan whine!!
with an intel one i could have games on windows and all the other desktop on the mac. the mac feels more natural to me in many ways but still drives me crazy on others.
but hey, i'll just keep dreaming on ... like always ;-)

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28 October

using fedora

for the past week i've running fedora on my main desktop, instead of windows. my goal is to use it till f8 comes out, then i will upgrade and see how it goes.

i was even able to get some games, well at least one: urbanterror.net but i miss itunes, mainly because of podcasts.
anyways i've been scribiling down most of the things i've encountered in fedora so here they are unedited:

Installation just finished and quick I may add.
Resolution came to 800x600. Don't know why.
Let's try and change it.
Just received a popup saying that I have 210 package updates available.
Guess I'll do them before configuring anything else.
It seems the updates will take a bit of time to download so I'll fiddle around.
Changed my monitor but now I have to restart X.
Ok, it set my resolution to 1920 so I had to change it and restart X again.
All set now.
Nautilus found my samba server with no problems, asked for my login to it which I accepted to save for future sessions.
Opened up an image from the samba server, and selected to put it as a wallpaper but didn't work. All I got was this color on the background. Going the wallpaper preferences it's no wallpaper is selected. Copied it to the local Pictures folder and it worked.
Wow ... Ryhtmbox just crashed on exiting. I was running the application for the 1st time. Just fiddling around. Opened "Plugins", enabled "Lyrics" one and then I just selected "Quit/Exit" from the menu.
So I sent the bug report, but wait... it couldn't too because:

Failed to parse the xml-rpc response. Response follows:
Unable to parse XML-RPC Response

Doesn't look good sir.
Guess I'll just finish the updates before doing anything more.
Updates ok, rebooted now trying to get mp3 going. Downloaded from the fluendo webshop, even had to register. Copied the plugin to /usr/lib as root. It SELinux doesn't let me run the plugin.
Same result. Will try to run the command suggested by SELinux to enabled it.
Failed to install flash player through firefox.
Redirected to adobe site, click on the rpm and I get the realplayer plugin trying to play an rpm.
Clicked on it, asked for the root password. Warned about unofficial software but I installed it anyway.
Flash now works too.

Time to put mount ntfs partitions. I asked around in #fedora and it seems it should have mounted it automatically.
Guess I'll need to play with fstab.
Why isn't /sbin included on root $PATH?
That was easy. normal fstab configuration.
Now to install thunderbird and copy my profile from the windows partition.
That worked too. Same process for firefox.
Rhythmbox time. I use iTunes a lot on windows. There doesn't seem to be a easy way to import it's playlist. Sucks!! *sigh*
Also it had some import errors with some video podcasts (.m4a) Doesn't support OPML too?? wow.
Just found out that VLC isn't distributed offically to Fedora. I'll have to turn to livna.org.
Let's hope it won't break anything. It has a bunch of dependencies. Installed it fine. Running ok too.
I've been hibernating instead of shutdown and it has worked every single time. Even rhythmbox resumes the music :-)
How to enable alt-tab to cycle through all the apps in all workspaces??

Installed KDE and fluxbox.
Redid fluxbox menu and keys so I feel right at home :-)
Launched rhythmbox and it changed my wallpaper, which I hadn't, to what I was using in GNOME.
Also tried nautilus under it and realized it "enabled" the desktop icons.
Great, the rhythmbox's icon appears on the fluxbox slit!
Not so great: nautilus just disabled right-click fluxbox's menu!! A simple kill solved it ;-)

Time for some games!
Downloaded urbanterror.net ... it's just awesome!! Doesn't even need quak3 anymore

- can't change the order of tracks in ipod shuffle
- podcasts appear all in a list, no option to collapse them under each feed
- error after ejecting the ipod, "cannot eject volume" with a notification from gnome saying this volume has data to be written; gets umounted though (checked /var/log/messages)
- not reading the artist and album id3 tags?
- error on podcasts when returning from hibernate

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15 December

thunderbird -> outlook express

because of a bunch of problems, mostly with encodings on messages i had to migrate one of my customers back to oe. u see when most of the people use oe or outlook weird stuff happens to the people that don't use that.
so i had 13Gb of email, contacts and one html signature.
searched around and came up with this article in mozzilazine.
i opted for the netscape navigator path, with some thunderbird 1.0 + autosave extension in the middle and for the contacts i just exported them through csv, although i still had to muck around the file. still had the signature to play with but it was easier with that as oe supports html ones. again had to fiddle with the html but this time inside the oe editor.
in the end i can call this a weird but sucessful transition but monday is _the_ day that it will go live, so till then i'll keep my fingers crossed

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