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19 July

Pastry Open

A new place for the cows

Here we are... some of the #bsdcow cows are slacking too hard to have a proper blogz0r of their own. Here we can post our stuff together, group hug blog slacking!

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02 September

new phone!

just got this new awesome phone today: sony ericsson z610i!
it has got this wicked external screen that blows away everything u ever saw
plus 2-megapixel camera (take that betabug! ;-), video+soundz recording, blueztooth, light as feather, and loadz of style
it's available in pink too which would combine with our blogz colorz :-D but i got the bluez

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04 September

Don't let him escape duckslayer!!

Go get him!


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shell tips, google video

i should check this later

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11 September

rolling with my new ferrari

puma baby!! yeaahhh!

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14 September

Setting up moblog on the bsdcow blogz0r!

There's a cow on the run!

Since one of our cows will be travelling soonish, here I am, setting up moblogging for our little filthy blogz0r. It ain't too hard, given the docs are there.

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25 September

Having Fun in Computing

Thoughts passed from a Greek cow-in-spirit

Adamo a true to the blood Greek BOFH and part-cow (at least in spirit, though he seems to be running OpenBSD and FeeBee at least some of the time) has an interesting article with a quote about "having fun in computing". The article is in Greek, but of course the quote is in English, so go read it already!

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27 September

tagged!! by betabug

four, actually threejobs i've had in my life

four movies i can watch over and over, at least some of which i remember atm

four tv shows i love to watch, although these change

four places, just two I have been on real vacation meaning no compz stuff four of my favorite dishes, i'm a bit picky ;-)

four websites i visit daily

four places i would rather be or would like to visit
like betabug i like where i am now

and finally i'm gonna tag, if anyone reads this :-D

i just wanna thank betabug for for tagging me. it was fun!

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10 October

my 1st southpark

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14 October

lolcats on lolducks!

Easy with the gunfire!


Someone tell the duckslayer to be careful with the gunfire, there's a cat on the duck!

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