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30 August

m200 and openbsd

y0 c0wz! i've been messing around with my toshiba m200 and openbsd.
so far i had to rebuild generic with acpi support to get it to shutdown. it also fixed this problem i had when display went to sleep in X the image would come back in half of the screen.
searching for a xbatt similar app, maybe i'll give gkrellm a try.
ahh and fluxbox r0x!!


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06 October

cracking open a wrt54gc

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11 December

macbook cracked case

One of my clients just got his case cracked like this:

image courtesy of blueeyedcreature.net


update: i've just been informed that warranty covers this, as others have mentioned around

P.S. image courtesy of blueeyedcreature.net

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16 November

Touchpad Synaptic Settings for Thinkpad L440

Probably the same for X240, T440, ... other 40 series Thinkpads

Got myself a cheapish Lenovo Thinkpad L440 as a replacement/spare laptop (while my X220 is hopefully being fixed), running OpenBSD ofcows. Problem with this machine's hardware: There are no real buttons for the TrackPoint, instead it uses the top of the Touchpad (you press it down) and some software to determine where you clicked.

On the X220 I had the Touchpad disabled in the Bios, and used exclusively the TrackPoint. Works great. On the L440, you can't disable the Touchpad in the Bios. Instead in OpenBSD you have to use the synaptics(4) driver, with some synclient(1) commands to set things up. Basically you disable the Touchpad (aka Trackpad) for mouse movement. You keep its functionality for clicking, and you define some areas where the middle and right button clicks are. This works fine, but the feel of the dedicated buttons was much, much better.

In any case, here are the settings that I'm using in my .xinitrc::

# disable touchpad, except for clicking
synclient TouchpadOff=1
# set up fake buttons for the trackpoint
synclient ClickPad=1

synclient MiddleButtonAreaLeft=2636
synclient MiddleButtonAreaRight=3442
synclient MiddleButtonAreaTop=0
synclient MiddleButtonAreaBottom=3306

synclient RightButtonAreaLeft=3443
synclient RightButtonAreaRight=0
synclient RightButtonAreaTop=0
synclient RightButtonAreaBottom=3306

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