11 December

macbook cracked case

One of my clients just got his case cracked like this:

image courtesy of blueeyedcreature.net


update: i've just been informed that warranty covers this, as others have mentioned around

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15 December

thunderbird -> outlook express

because of a bunch of problems, mostly with encodings on messages i had to migrate one of my customers back to oe. u see when most of the people use oe or outlook weird stuff happens to the people that don't use that.
so i had 13Gb of email, contacts and one html signature.
searched around and came up with this article in mozzilazine.
i opted for the netscape navigator path, with some thunderbird 1.0 + autosave extension in the middle and for the contacts i just exported them through csv, although i still had to muck around the file. still had the signature to play with but it was easier with that as oe supports html ones. again had to fiddle with the html but this time inside the oe editor.
in the end i can call this a weird but sucessful transition but monday is _the_ day that it will go live, so till then i'll keep my fingers crossed

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18 December


repair file:
ffmpeg -i video.in -acodec copy -vcodec copy video.out

For converthing to theora use the simple ffmpeg2theora

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20 December

Q (as in "qemu for running OpenBSD on Mac OS X")

For those too lazy to dual boot

Q emulation window on Mac OS X

For those too lazy to dual boot OpenBSD on their Intel Mac hardware, I found another solution to run OpenBSD in emulation: Q (as in "qemu on Mac OS X") will boot OpenBSD just fine. Previously I had tried VirtualBox, which shows problems in disk access from OpenBSD as guest OS. Since Q is another open source alternative, there's no need to spend large amounts of playmoney for this software, and you can still go and test your favorite ports to make wiwi happy!

Speed seemed reasonable. I didn't do anything heavy yet - actually I didn't do much at all - but there did not seem to be any of the slight lag you sometimes get with emulation / virtual machines.

I didn't have to do anything special to get Q to run OpenBSD. Booted from the 4.2 installer CD disk image (leeched off wiwi's mirror, ofcoz). After playing around a bit with xorgconfig I got X to work almost reasonably. I say "almost", because it does not want to give me the macbook's native resolution of 1280x800, so fullscreen mode looks warped. I haven't completely figured out what I can and can't do with networking either. We'll see.

Oh, yeah, here is a dmesg too, scp'ed directly from the virtual machine.

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