03 February

roooooombbaaaaaaa! rhymes with huuuuummmppaaaaaa!

for some time now, i had been watching the irobot vacuums and last week i finally got one.
here's my first notes about it:
- silent as opposed to a big vacuum
- goes around on chairs "feet"
- detects walls, but not other simple objects, and slows down instead of bumping into them
- it stays parallel to a wall so it can clean them from one point to another
- it makes "funny" noises, like when undocking and going on it's back: it makes this sound like trucks do when pulling back
- it returns to his dock, if you instruct it to or if it needs to although it has to able to detect where the dock is so it helps if it's on the same room
- when cleaning and it passes by the dock it avoids it, that is it doesn't clean around it. seems it sees it like a virtual wall
- it copes ok with cables: goes over them although sometimes it can take them too. of coz it depends if they're securely attached to something instead of laying around.
- it bumps into lighter things and moves them, eg. empty boxes.

anyways i'm loving it. check below for some vids

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