05 March

Beware Of The Cows!

They've got a wiki too now!

After we've got our "new" domain (bsdcow.org) and have put our old site up again, today I did a bit of work on making the new site a wiki. The layout is based on http://openbsd.org.pt - many thanks and m4d gr33tz!

User accounts are the same as for this filthy blogz0r... assuming any of you slackerz remember them :-) Here's how to edit pages for open.bsdcow.org.

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06 March

weird dreams

have you ever had an urge to legally buy the software?
like licensing that copy of windows, os x, etc...
i dunno why but i got this a few weeks ago and still comes to my mind
i dreamed of mac pro workstation all pimped out, running leopard, vista, openbsd all seamlessly working
this problably doesn't make sense at all but i'm just writing it out so in the future i can check back and see where my mind was wondering about

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07 March

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you

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13 March

feature request for a mp3 player

wouldn't it be nice to have a mp3 player that when you resumed listening to a podcast it would go 30 seconds back from where you were listening to it last time?
sometimes i'm following a podcast and have to stop it, only to resume later, sometimes days and i don't really recall what was said before.
this would be a optional yes/no feature on the player of coz!

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21 March

procmail maildir recipe

for some time i have procmail working with maildir so i just wanted to post this there for future reference

DEFAULT=$HOME/Mail/Maildir/ # Change to Mailbox if using mbox format

* ^TO_\/(source-changes)@

* ^TO_\/(misc)@

* ^TO_\/(ports)@

p.s. i think the only change from mbox to maildir is the slash (/) in the end of the mailbox name as it's the way of the maildir :-)

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