03 May

chaos communication camp 2007

i just watched the documentary about ccc 2007. if you want to have a general feeling how it is, check it out here:
some of the stuff that i found out interesting:
- dect phone systems: can listen to talks by phone, reachable by the outside world through a normal phone number, call for free inside the camp
- flying drones: automated, four motors, two rotating clockwise and the other two counter-clockwise. bunch of circuits to keep them going. gps, videocam
- hacking the iphone
- openrfid
- multi-touch console
- laser tagging
- build stuff with micro-controllers, like tv-b-gone

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25 May

r0sk in Pireus

Lest we not forget that some cows even take vacations

r0sk and Marta, with Javier drinking ouzo in Pireus

Just so it doesn't get lost... here is the picture of r0sk and Marta (together with Javier on the left) in Pireus. Unfortunately we had only one hour of time together. We were lucky to find a place where we could get an ouzo (and some "kalamaki" souvlakia). Down by the harbor in Pireus is not really the prime address for good food. It was also quite warm, especially due to untypical high humidity for the area.

It was nice to meet those guys and hear a lot of spanish :-) We got them back to their boat (the one on the right) and they steamed off a couple of hours later on their honeymoon to Mykonos and Santorini.

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26 May

Eco-friendly danger sign

Take a walk on the ...

Danger sign in Morocco, picture by Saad Kadhi

Here is a little picture I took yesterday during a walk we took near Rabat's medina.

Moroccans have designed very eco-friendly danger signs! Biodegradable, dye/polymer/chemical-free, reusable, readily available and they convey meaning (well this is the primary goal).

Looking around I didn't spot any tree with that kind of wood. They should have carried it. Stock of special danger-sign wood?

Who needs technology?

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