24 February

watch for syslog.conf

I've been bitten more than once by this so I have to write this down.
The problem: spamd wasn't logging to /var/log/spamd even though I followed the spamd(8) man page which says:

daemon.err;daemon.warn;daemon.info /var/log/spamd

What I didn't pay attention is the way that syslog.conf(5) seperates fields:

The selector field is separated from the action field by one or more tab characters.

So the problem was that I simply copy/paste 'ing and with it not seperating fields with tab.
I found this message by Jared which suggested:

sed -ne '/spam/l' /etc/syslog.conf

This will show you 'tabs' (\t) which in my case were missing.
Hope this helps others.

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