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11 May 2005

The Strike is Here

"Workers unite!" and all that

Yes, Greece (or Athens) is on strike today. Yes, May 1st was postponed to May 11th. Workers unite! and all that. Asked my boss yesterday if we will be working. He said: "We are working, but if someone of you wants to go on strike, it's ok with me."

This morning I found the entrance to the metro blocked. No public transport for swiss geeks today. For a moment I looked out for a taxi, but they were all busy with 5 passengers each. So I returned home and borrowed my flatmates bicycle. The taxi would not have brought me luck, Athens centre is blocked from Omonia through Syntagma to Syggrou. Even with the bicycle I had to do some detours. But I arrived without problems and not very tired. The way home will be more interesting, lots of uphill battles to fight.

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Re: The Strike is Here

Sascha, u r totally mad to ride a bike from your place to GG. OK, it's (almost) all downhill to get there but I want to hear how you made it back. I think Yiorgos should give you a good productivity bonus after that.
Jesus, you are trully Swiss, aren't you? :-)

Posted by: Manos Scud at May 11,2005 20:08
Re: Swiss and bicycles

Yes, despite some Greek roots I seem to be completely Swiss :-) I managed to get home without any problems. The road uphill isn't that bad, I was more worried about the traffic. In the morning there was very little traffic due to the demonstrations. So for the way back I went to some small streets in the center to avoid Amalias street and Syntagma. I got lost a couple of times in the "stenakia" (small streets with lots of turns and corners), but found my way after all. I'm thinking about taking the bike once a week or so, just to keep in shape.

Posted by: betabug at May 12,2005 09:37
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