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22 September 2009

Moving Soon

... to new appartment, same server

Found a small apartment. It's close to work, has character (which means that it has some weird downsides, but also lots of small advantages). Now I've got to move there... which currently drives me close to a nervous breakdown. So probably not going to be much writing here. Expect a housewarming party when all the difficult times are over, maybe in a few weeks.

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Re: Moving Soon

+1 for the housewarming party ;D

I know the place, the area and both the positive and negative things (probably not all of them, but..) and I think you will be much much comfortable once you move in.

Good luck with the move!

Posted by: Wu at September 23,2009 13:22
Re: Moving Soon

+1 for teh housewarming party too! any shopkeepah?

Posted by: saad at September 23,2009 20:40
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