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23 September 2009

Where Does the Road Lead To

Looking out over the city

Didn't have my big camera with me and the Pentax still awaits repair, but this evening's sky is worth a picture.
So, where does the road lead to? The one in the picture goes simply to the sea, in direct line of view from where I'm right now.
Metaphorically speaking, it goes on and on, but we can only see a certain piece of the way. Very poetic, especially since from this height and distance, the small problems and annoyances, like cars, disappear.

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Re: Where Does the Road Lead To

wow... it could have been breathtaking with the right gear! but it's nice anyway and as you say, the best camera is the one you have with ya

Posted by: saad at September 23,2009 20:42
Re: Where Does the Road Lead To

Yeah, unfortunately it's really way beyond the phone camera. Will bring my real camera there some evening after the moving trouble is over... it will be close to my new home!

Posted by: betabug at September 24,2009 12:30
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