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02 October 2009

Status of

Thank you PHP...

Some people seem to search the web in order to find out what happened to the site The current status is that the site was taken down because of multiple security incidents that had resulted in phishers abusing the server to host fake sites (e.g. fake paypal forms). The problem behind that is, that the software used (PHPBB) is a total piece of crap, "programmed" by people who are totally, utterly clueless [1]. I can and do blame PHP for this, I doubt that any other web programming system has such a record of bad quality code output.

The webmaster and one of the server admins are currently trying to switch the site to a different software... trying, because importing the content seems not to be too easy. Myself I'm not currently helping, I'm too busy. The other two guys are busy too (hey, everybody has a job and a life), so work progresses only as fast as it can.

Current status: Please wait for the site to come up again, sorry!

[1]man, they haven't even discovered diff and patch yet, instructions for "bugfixes" are given by description "then you open the other file and find the line after ..." ... totally clueless!

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Re: Status of


Since has been down for a while, and you seem to be an active member. Do you know when the meetings are taking place, and if they are.

Sorry to be using your blog like this.

Posted by: Fotis at November 17,2009 11:52
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