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07 October 2009

Evening Clouds and Customer Service from

Unexpected but nice
Evening light on buildings in Athens neighborhood

Back down from the soapbox post of a political, not really so usual style for me... I had a nice little experience of customer service yesterday. As regular readers of this uneventful weblog will have noticed, my Pentax Optio W60 broke down (with a shutter button that gave up work). It's within warranty time, but... I must admit I don't know where I left the receipt. Big search everywhere, no luck. Yesterday afternoon I called the contact phone number. I didn't get so far as to tell the guy on the phone the whole story, when he interrupted me and told me: "Go to the store where you bought it, ask them to print you another receipt."

That I did. It was that easy. Of course, given that they have on record everything I bought, one could consider this an easy one for them. In fact it is, but as so many things with customer service, when it fails, it fails on stuff that would be easy. So when a company does the customer service on the easy stuff, I've come to appreciate that. Next step is of course to get the camera to the warranty repair. Wish me luck on this one!

The picture on the other hand has nothing to do with this story. Maybe it has, as I had to snap this nice scenery with my mobile phone, since the Pentax is broken and the Arca Swiss is not strictly functional yet (no tripod - and of course I didn't have it with me, the Arca is not really the camera you always have with you). I just saw the evening light on the buildings and that tip of the cloud lighting up. Better a phone picture than no picture.

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