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15 October 2009

Rainy Night in Georgia

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It's raining this morning in Athens, winter is here. In the office someone entered "rain" in the search field of iTunes and clicked on play... voilà, instant rain themed music day. Currently Playing "Rainy Night in Georgia" from Brook Benton. We also heard "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" by Bob Dylan and of course "Here Comes The Rain Again" by Annie Lennox.

I took an umbrella to walk to work.

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Re: Freezy Balls in Paris

This morning when I left for work, the temp was 1c. Even my rather big iTunes music collection, I didn't find any reference to "Freezy Balls" :-)

Posted by: saad at October 15,2009 21:06
Re: Rainy Night in Georgia

It was foggy, as usual, here. Today I had to came to work by car and as I was driving by the river I noticed the fog getting off the river and into the air, just like smoke getting off ashes of a big fire.

I don't know any song that could be related to that, but it was one of those beautiful surprises nature gives us from time to time :D

Posted by: Wu at October 16,2009 18:36
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