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20 October 2009

Little Patient W60

Sent the Pentax to the camera clinic

This morning I woke up slightly earlier and got my little digital point-and-shoot camera to the importers office for repair. The shutter button is stuck. The camera is a Pentax Optio W60, waterproof and fun. They told me there is a surge of camera repairs, since after summer, so it will take a week to hear about it.

Even though I got back into large format photography with my (very) old camera, I want the little Pentax back. It's just the right camera to have always with you. I really mean always, given that it's waterproof and quite robust (due to the lens not "zooming out" as in most point-and-shoot cameras). If you take the limitations of the optics and software (no manual mode) into account, it allows to take nice pictures too.

The last reason goes back to the large format camera too: I want to use the digicam as a photometer. Set it to "spot-metering", do some tests to get the metering about synced with the film and my handheld photometer and it should do a good job.

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