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07 November 2009

First Results - Akropolis in the first morning light

Got a few low quality scans
Athens Akropolis in the morning light

On the 21st of October, I had gone up Filopappou hill before sunrise, found my spot, waited for the sun to come out. Took several exposures in changing light conditions. This is the last one of the series. at 8:20, with the sun out over the Ymittos hills and hitting the walls of the Akropolis.

By clicking on the image, you can get to a flash "zoomify" viewer, with which you can zoom in to see as much detail as the cheap scan gives me. This is a really cheap scan (1.50 Euro for scanning 8 images). The largest size in the flash viewer is compressed a lot too.

Arca-Swiss 6x9cm
Schneider Symmar f=100mm
1/30sec, f:22-32
Kodak Portra 160NC

I have other exposures from the same spot and morning, from before the sun comes out over the Ymittos. This one where the sun reaches the walls of the "big rock" is the one I currently like best.

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Re: First Results - Akropolis in the first morning light

What could I say... WOW!

Nice picture, and seeing the price of the scan... you know, any cheap digicam could not beat that picture... :D

Posted by: Wu at November 07,2009 18:48
Re: First Results - Akropolis in the first morning light

Yes, I agree. A very nice picture indeed and with lots of details and no noise even with very small crops. Large Format photography just rocks.

Hats off Sascha!

Posted by: saad at November 12,2009 05:04
Re: First Results - Akropolis in the first morning light

Thanks guys!
The thing about large format photography is that I'm mainly enjoying the process itself: Taking your time, having to do all these setups carefully, having to really think about what pictures you want to take with all that stuff etc. etc. Of course I also like the extra quality very much!

Posted by: betabug at November 12,2009 09:03
Re: First Results - Akropolis in the first morning light

Amazing res!
I'd crop the central part and make it a poster on my room :)

Posted by: xmariachi at November 13,2009 12:41
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