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10 November 2009

I didn't go

No picture today

Yesterday I had looked up the times and angles of the sunrise and the moon for this morning. It would maybe not be an ideal morning, but a good morning, to climb on the Lycabettus hill and take a picture of the city and the Akropolis in the sunrise, with the moon somewhere in the morning sky. Did I water your mouth with the description? Well, I didn't go. The weather report was not too sure. Before I went to sleep the sky was clear. When I got up at 6, I went outside and saw a sky with 80% cloud cover. I decided to go back to sleep.

When I finally woke up at 9, the sky was clear, except for a bank of clouds far off to one side. Too bad, no picture for me this morning. Yesterday my plan had been: Just go there and whatever happens, well, happens. This morning I was probably too sleepy to decide in this direction.

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