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30 December 2009

Preparing Server Upgrade

Everybody cross their fingerz

These days "between the years", that I'm not working, I prepare to upgrade my server. That's right, the very server that you view this web page on. Still have a lot to prepare and read up, but once I'm done *preparing* there will be some "downtime" and hopefully the server will come out of that and be rebooted to a new self... or rather to a new system.

I've had a few not so lucky experiences with server upgrades, so wish me luck, cross your fingers, whatever lucky charms you feel like doing. I'll run some backups, but if things go wrong, it might be some time before I get things working again. By that time though, you will not be able to read this, irony of ironies. I'll get back to reading up and preparing, in order to avoid it now.

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Re: Preparing Server Upgrade

Good luck! I'm sure the downtime will not stay for too much time, everybody knows you are running the most robust/secure software in the world in that server!

Posted by: Wu at December 30,2009 16:20
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