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05 January 2010

Can't get back into Open Firmware.

A little Open Firmware and OpenBSD lockin... sing along to the tune of "Back to the USSR"

Yesterday evening I attempted my server upgrade. Within 5 minutes I was stuck with an Open Firmware error running amok and blocking everything. I called it a day and was ready to relax and let my server be the pile of plastic, silicium and lowgrade problematic waste it had chosen to be, when helpful Raimund from IN-Ulm came to help and rebooted the box.

I managed at the second try to boot the server into bsd.rd (the RAMdisk install kernel for OpenBSD) and installed the new OS on the second disk. Now the only small problem is, that my machine is set up in macppc's Open Firmware to auto-boot directly on disk 1 into OpenBSD. And there is no way to change that once you have set up the server to a serial console... short of hooking up a keyboard and holding the magic Command-Option-O-F keyboard combo. Someone has a hint for something like a workaround to that, but the OpenBSD developers tell me there's no way around. I guess, "to be continued" is all I can say here...

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