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06 January 2010

Mistypes and Other Fun

Smelling Pistakes for everyone!

While my server install moves forward (having passed the most crucial stages and avoided the whole Open Firmware question by booting from bsd.rd and using the upgrade mechanism), I was browsing through the OpenBSD packages directory for my platform. I was trawling for stuff I had forgotten and for stuff that might be fun. Here is some:

sl - Steam Locomotive

The Steam Locomotive "utility" explores one very common typo that lots of people make in the shell: instead of typing ls, we are prone to type sl - which now lets a huge, ascii Steam Locomotive roll over your terminal. Kind of reminds me of the "insults" setting of sudo, but in more of a "clown hitting you with an anvil on the head" mode.

globe - display the currently lighted face of Earth in ASCII

Let's face it: ASCII roxx. All those funny tools that convert pictures to ASCII art, or even videos to ASCII movies leave me with a chuckle. globe is not that special, but looking at the surface of the earth as currently seen from the sun is kind of neat. Also lets you guess which of your worldwide friends might be awake right now.

figlet - generates ASCII banner art

Apart from those two new additions, I got the ever fun figlet, which you all knew and love, which generates ASCII banner art.

 .::::::..,:::::: .,:::::: .-::::-.
;;;`    `;;;;'''' ;;;;'''';;'```;;;
'[==/[[[[,[[cccc   [[cccc    ,n[['
  '''    $$$""""   $$""""   d$P"
 88b    dP888oo,__ 888oo,__ ""

Figlet offers a lot of different "fonts" to display what you give it in huge letters combined out of ASCII letters. Indispensable, what else can I say?

(Get all these from the links given or in OpenBSD directly through the package system.)

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