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20 February 2010

Athens in the Mist

Dust from Africa in the air
A small part of the Hymittos hills around Athens in the cloud of dust

It's one of those days again, like in 2005, 2006, and 2008, I get to write about a cloud of dust from Africa packing Athens into an atmosphere of mist. It seems to be whiter this time, other times I remember it to be more yellowish.

I had noticed the mist yesterday already, but missed the point of what it was. Indeed it was incredible to look at from the office in the 7th floor. Busy me (I've got tons of code to write), I didn't even take one single picture. Too bad. Instead I took this snapshot at the outskirts of Athens, near the Hymittos hills today, with the mobile phone, no less. The digicam was at home by mistake and I was in too much of a hurry to bring out the Arca Swiss (I did have the Arca with me, but even the smallest amount of hurry is too much hurry for that camera).

With the cloud of dust there's always warm weather. In fact, it's deceiving: I see the mist outside and conclude that mist == cold, so I want to put on a jacket. In fact the wind that brought the dust came from Africa, so it's a warm wind, we had 23ºC today. Apparently tomorrow the temperature will drop 7º to something like 16ºC.

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Re: Athens in the Mist

Well it seems that Africa is sending Greece some of its dust from time to time. This time there was a bigger amount just to get used to how it is if you were Africa. There will be times that we will be Africa...

Posted by: Mary Ka at February 20,2010 21:50
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