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21 February 2010

Pictures in the Mountains

Only a few of them

Today I was on an excursion with a mountain club. They were celebrating the cutting of the βασιλόπιτα, the cake with a coin inside. Clubs and companies are often late for this.

Apart from the food and drink we also hiked up a small mountain, the Κιθαιρώνα (Kithairona). It was nice to get into fresh air.

I also got around to take two pictures with the Arca Swiss. That doesn't sound like much, but when I'm with other people, I can't just stop for 20 minutes to set up the view camera.

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Re: Pictures in the Mountains

Kithaironas is the mountain where Oedipus met his real father, the king of Thebae and during a dispute, he killed him, without being aware of that man being his father. Later he went to Thebae and married the wife of the late king, that means his own mother. They had four children together. Years later the whole truth came up, thus Iokasti, the mother and wife, killed herself and Oedipus, the son and husband, pulled his eyes out and he got blind.
Their two sons were fighting each other years later and finally they killed one another.
Their daughter Antigone was burried alive in her tube and the only one who lived was Electra, the other daughter.
It' a mythe from the greek mythology. Sophokles, the dramatist, has written a trilogy with the adventures of Oedipus.

Posted by: Mary Ka at February 22,2010 18:57
Re: Pictures in the Mountains

Thank you for the mythology lesson Mary! I had no idea where I was really :-) Looks like Oedipus chose a nice place for a mean task.

Posted by: betabug at February 24,2010 11:28
Re: Pictures in the Mountains

Once more, the Arca Swiss showed its class.

Posted by: Panagiotis at February 24,2010 17:19
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