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09 March 2010

Dark Yellow Morning Sky

A science fiction setting

Yesterday morning I woke up to a darker world. We had again reddish-yellowish sand from the Sahara (or from Africa in general) in the wind. At the same time it was cold, which is kind of weird. The cold wind came from the North, the sand from the South. Apparently the meteorologists can explain that, but don't ask me. What I saw, was the special light: Even when the sun had come out in the morning, it was almost dark. The light had an orange tint. It rained, so everything was stained with reddish dust. No, I didn't take any pictures.

This morning the blue sky is back, but my veranda, like all of the city, is still covered with red dust. The entrances of buildings have red pathways, people carry the dust inside on their shoes.

In an attempt to give a little bit of practical value to this post: Here is a link to the SKIRON dust forecast from the University of Athens.

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Re: Dark Yellow Morning Sky

The weather is getting nuts. run for cover!

Posted by: saad at March 11,2010 14:19
Re: Dark Yellow Morning Sky

Cher Saad,
en printemps, ce temps est habituel ici. Frequement, les vents de l' Afrique portent de sable jusq' ici et le ciel devient jaune. Le mai, les phenomenes arretent.

Posted by: panos at March 13,2010 12:59
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