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25 March 2010

Independence Day in the Countryside

It's all green and smelling good

The 25th of March this year is on a Thursday, so I took Friday off and I'm with friends in a small village near Patras.

So nice to be outside the big city, away from the noise and all the traffic. Here everything is green and full of flowers. Lots of butterflies too. The one in the picture gave me enough time to try and take a good picture, even with the unwieldy phone camera.

Next thing will be to go for food, traditionally Bakaliaro me skordalia. After that the plans for the long weekend show many long walks and taking pictures.

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Re: Independence Day in the Countryside

I wanna be with you there guys, enjoying the flow of time and life. Have lots of fun!

(the picture is too contrasted for my eyes and I have a hard time seeing the butterfly *sniff*)

Posted by: saad at March 26,2010 06:37
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