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29 March 2010

Windy on Sunday

... and a stoned Arca
Stoned Arca-Swiss... due to a heavy headwind

We came back yesterday evening from a great 4-day weekend. As mentioned before, I was with friends in a little village near Patras. I took a few pictures with the Arca. Mostly at and around the waterfront. I took some pictures of the bridge connecting the Peloponnese to the Greek mainland at Rio/Antirio. Even got a series of evening and night pictures, with the bridge illuminated in blue at night, we'll see how that worked out.

At some point I noticed that the shop where I had bought 2 extra films last week had given me the wrong film. Instead of Kodak's 160NC, they gave me 400VC. More grain, more contrast and "vivid colors" instead of "neutral colors". I noticed when I was about to load the cassette, so no real harm done, but I got so angry at the store and myself (partly because at the same moment I also had problems with the camera's filters), that I became a major pain for my friends around me. Sorry guys.

On Sunday it was very windy. I took a few more pictures of the bridge. At one point I was venturing out on a little wave breaker, found a great spot, but had to abandon it, as the spray of the waves was hitting me - and worse - the camera. I went a little bit more to the side. Still in the strong headwind I had to secure the camera and tripod with a big stone. The exposure time was short enough that I hope the vibrations didn't cause problems on the picture, but I'll find out later when I get the film back.

All over the long weekend I saw many more things that I noted down for future photo excursions. In and around the gorge where the rack railway goes to Kalavryta, especially in the evening light. Lots of other places in the hills and mountains on the north coast of the Peloponnese, the north coast with the Greek mainland opposite itself.

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