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06 April 2010

Picking up on a New Feature

Loose ends flapping around

The long easter weekend is over, today is high time to pick up work again on one of the new features I'm building for one of our Products. Being the sole member of my development team, when some bugfixes and other stuff came along, I had left off building this stuff a while ago. Now I'm here on the island, in a quiet and relaxed setup to continue from where I stopped last time.

Which would be really nice if it wasn't for the little things I've left for myself: Half-finished code not yet committed, a method that I don't really remember as being necessary, some functional tests that don't pass. Not to mention a lot of notes that document different approaches to build things, where it's not always 100% clear which one is the right one. It's not really helping too much to get a flying start, but at least with "clean up", my first task is well defined.

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