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08 April 2010

Local Lunch

... an agri-cultural Naxos thing

So, what do we have here? It's my local lunch today: Local eggs, local cheese (γραβιέρα, graviera), local bread, local butter, local milk, local spinach pie. Not pictured: Local apple pie, which I had for dessert. All these local products taste great

Actually most of the products are not local-local, i.e. they are not from this village, but from Naxos in general. There is one bakery in Naxos town that has nicer bread than the local bakery. The milk and butter go through the naxian milk cooperative, but there might well be part of the local milk from this village in there. It just isn't viable to get unpasteurized milk from the next farmer any more.

The spinach and apple pie are from a friend's sister's workshop in Naxos town. She makes exclusively pies like that, very good ones at that. We hadn't found the shop on former visits, since sometimes finding things in Naxos town's little maze of streets is a bit of a venture. (plug: it's called "ανέκαμμα", πλατεία πρωτοκικείου, "anekamma", protodikeio square in Naxos, tel. 22850 26404.)

Also not in the picture: local steaks, which we bought on the way back from buying the milk and other stuff here in the village. I have high hopes for those too.

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