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20 April 2010

The Windmill

In almost working condition
Windmill on Naxos, in front of evening sky

When I was on Naxos, each evening after work I would set out with the camera to take pictures in the late afternoon and evening light. One of those evenings, while walking on the path to the next village, I had set up my camera to take a picture of some cane grass with the village in the background, when up the path came some small, almost fox-like dogs. After the dogs came their owner, a square shaped farmer, with a face and hands to tell of years of work.

We of course started to talk. I've met Stelios again over the course of the next few days. He's one of the few traditional guys left, he even has some horses to till the fields that are so far off that a tractor can't reach them. Amongst other things, he told me some things about this windmill, right up to the hill from where I'm staying. In fact, this thing is in almost working condition. The main shaft is broken outside (due to the weather working on the wood for a looong time), but the replacement is lined up outside.

Internally, all the gears, the millstones and all that stuff are in perfect working condition. Stelios said they'll have the shaft and arms up again come summer time. One day I'll see him again, on his way to milking his cows, or maybe coming back from there, and he'll have the key with him and then we could take some pictures of the inside of the mill. I'm looking forward to it.

Picture taken with the Arca-Swiss 6x9cm, the scan isn't perfect, but so what, it still shows a hint of the evening sky and the mill standing there, almost ready to produce some great, old fashioned wheat flour.

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Re: The Windmill

I wish I was there with you, walk the walks and chat the chats. Very nice shot and gorgeous sky colors.

Posted by: saad at April 20,2010 10:27
Re: The Windmill

nice picture, I could dream of infinite stories that could take place in a place like that one and that could be worth to write in a book.

Thnx for the last 10 minutes!

Posted by: Wu at April 20,2010 16:03
Re: The Windmill

Thanks for your comments guys! I hope to update with "inside" pictures and stories soon :-)

Posted by: betabug at April 20,2010 16:34
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