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27 April 2010

Circular Rainbow

All around, up in the sky behind my hand
(part of) a circular rainbow, up in the sky behind my hand

On Sunday I went with a group from a mountain club to a place called Αχαρνές (Aharnes) to an educational rock climbing place. While we waited on a parking lot outside the village for people to dripple in, someone spotted this rainbow in the sky. The sky was slightly cloudy, slightly sunny. There was the sun behind some hazy clouds, throwing a perfect circular rainbow around.

I took some snaps with the mobile phone camera, covering the sun itself with my hand. This one is the best shot, slightly tweaked to correct a bit of the camera's color cast. I couldn't get all of the circle into the picture, too bad.

The day spent at the rocks was nice too. I didn't climb more than 2 meters, due to a small accident with my fingers beforehand. Seems you need all your fingers for this climbing business. Those borrowed climbing shoes that hurt like hell also didn't really help. I also took 2 pictures with the Arca, but ran into some technical problems... heck, this camera is pretty old. More on that another time though.

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Re: Circular Rainbow

This is not a rainbow, but θυσανοστρώματα (cirrostratus) clouds, observed by a halo. They are generally signs of rain in the next days:

Posted by: Panagiotis at April 27,2010 15:41
Re: Circular Rainbow

Interesting halo and the picture is really nice. The way you framed it with that hand showing a bit of the sun is very cool.

Posted by: saad at May 03,2010 13:41
Re: Circular Rainbow

Pano, I don't care so much how it's called :-) but your information is as usual interesting and surprising! We didn't stay there for the next few days, so I don't know if it did rain there.

saad, it's one of the advantages of digital photography: I took a number of pictures, playing around and looking at the result. At one point I noticed that the effect of a bit of the sun coming through my fingers was nice... so that was the winner. With a real camera I might not have been experimenting so much. Or well, maybe I might have, we used to still play around a lot too, back when everything was film.

Posted by: betabug at May 03,2010 14:06
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