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02 May 2010

Shutter Service

So much easier now

While Greece is being "saved" from bankruptcy by bankrupting the Greek "man on the street", I'm happily busy with my photographic hobby. Last weekend I had some major equipment problems: apart from the usual stuck shutters, a cable release broke off and there was a piece left in the thread on the shutter. No fun.

The good thing was that it finally annoyed me enough to pack up my lenses and give them in for a shutter servicing. On monday I handed them over to Mr. Picopoulos camera repair shop in Lekka street. On tuesday I was to get informed what it would cost and if I gave the go-ahead, I'd get them back by the end of the week.

First good surprise was that they called on Monday already and - second good surprise - quoted me a very reasonable price: 20€ + taxes for each shutter. Still I was nervous, having someone working on my lenses. It's not that they have much monetary value - they are old and quite obsolete for "professional" work - but they are what I have, I had them for more than 20 years.

So, in the end everything went well. I went to pick them up on friday. Had a nice chat with Mr. Picopoulos, about his time in Switzerland, when he got trained at Bolex.

Yesterday I took my first pictures. I'm happy. Not only do I have one lens more to work with now - as the 180mm had become completely useless stuck. But the shutters on my other two lenses are a joy to work with too now. They used to be stuck on the longer times, especially if the weather was slightly colder. Now they even sound better, they feel different to cock and when changing the time. The cable release thread is clean too now, I found a new cable release for a good price, so I'm all rock and rolling again!

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