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07 May 2010

Cable Releases Received

... freshly shipped in from Germany
2 nice new wire releases fresh from Germany

A few weeks ago I had an accident with a cheap cable release. The stupid thing broke, leaving a piece of itself inside the shutter's thread. Not nice, but it was probably something that was machined to the cheapest possible specs.

So I went and ordered two nice new cable releases from - a German manufacturer, who makes exactly this product. The funny part is that they were cheaper than what I had paid for the "cheap" chinese wire release at the photo store here, even considering the postage. It's also nice to be able to buy something not "made in china" for once, just for a change. (At least I presume they are made in Germany, I think these manufacturers should write that all over the place.)

They are smaller and "leaner" than I had expected. Well, I had ordered the 25cm size, the larger sizes probably are thicker too. But they suit me fine the way they are, they seem to be well made and will hopefully serve me for a long time.

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Re: Cable Releases Received

Nice. By the way, I has no idea how a cable release works or how you operate one. I need some advice in this dept. ;)

Posted by: saad at May 07,2010 14:08
Re: Cable Releases Received

Well, my friend, in case you ever go to all the trouble to mount a camera on a tripod, you might want to combine it with a cable release. What a cable release does is:

- it allows you to press the shutter, without actually touching the camera
- which means that you do not introduce any vibrations to the camera (because the bendable cable release absorbs any movement your hand makes)
- it often has a device to "lock" the shutter open (you can see a little screw on the upper device in the picture)... you set the camera time on "B" (for "bulb"), press the cable release, lock it, after the xx minutes of your long time exposure, you release the screw

In large format photography, where cameras are almost always on tripods, cable releases are always used. Other people use them only for certain setups. E.g. macro photography, night photography, sometimes for portraits when it gives the photographer more freedom to move around a set camera position.

Posted by: betabug at May 07,2010 14:35
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