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17 May 2010

Free music wanted? ... get yourself a record player

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Little thought of the morning: If you want free music, just go and get yourself a good, old-fashioned record player. My friend saad did just that last Friday and he's practically showered in LPs from friends and neighbors. High-quality, good music Long Playing Disks at that. Stuff you will listen to over and over. You might not be able to listen to it on your MP3-player while you're out doing something else, but listening to music undisturbed, as an act in itself, is something really rewarding.

With a bit of luck you will even get the record player for free or for a very good price second hand. Even if you can't get one for free, there are some very good models sold for very reasonable prices.

Never mind that with a good setup the music will also sound much better than CD. Funny how in my mind I draw the parallel to "analog" (good old silver-halogenid based, non-digital) photography, where the image quality is also in a different dimension and where you also sometimes get stuff for free.

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Re: Free music wanted? ... get yourself a record player

The same happened to me a couple of years ago. My aunt has a friend that after the death of her husband decided that the LPs she held were not useful anymore. So, she was looking for somebody to gift them to. We are talking about 300 LPs. Most of them were the genre of the classical music of high quality Deutsche Grammophon recordings, but nontheless classic rock, greek ones, russian and bulgarian church choirs, even an israeli folk with all the lyrics written in hebrew! The only thing I am missing now is the deck...

Posted by: Panagiotis at May 23,2010 12:38
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