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24 May 2005

betabug in Hong Kong

Watch out for those chop sticks!
Neonsign 'Green Park'

With all the roaring and feedback to my Slacky Tiger on a Rainbow post, a strange thought occured to me. But let me explain some of the preconditions before. (You did not expect me to share my precious thought that easy, didn't you?) I think it all winds down to yours truly, the betabug, having moved to Hong Kong. Let me explain...

That post (and to a lesser extent this one) has not exactly been slashdottet, but there are a lot of pageviews to the article, there was a lot of feedback, some comments, but mostly behind the scenes feedback. People are not exactly happy with Rainbow, the Greek Apple importer. People would like Apple to take back the Greek market and judging from the current situation, it is not exactly clear why Apple is not doing that. Now my suspicion comes in.

The one thing we don't know is what contracts Apple has with Rainbow. Maybe... oh no, that must be it: Maybe Apple sold Greece to Rainbow for 99 years, like Hong Kong! There must be a long standing contract of subletting the country of olive trees, Sokrates, and Sirtaki to a foreign/strange power. This explains everything. If this is true, our grandchildren (or grand-grandchildren?) will be able to buy their Macs in style again, without shamefully bowed heads and having to supply photocopies of ID documents.

As long as the state of this occupation persists, we should follow the example of Hong Kong: Put big neon signs everywhere, and start to eat our Souvlaki with chop sticks (we already supply the sticks in the souvlaki). To give us a headstart I supplied this picture of the beautyfull neon sign of the Cafe "Green Park". Now I have to go, I have to get my clothes to the chinese cleaning shop.

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