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19 May 2010

TV Spotted

If I don't watch TV, TV will come to watch me?
Movie crew in our office

Today a film crew was doing some shooting for a TV spot in our office. A friend of our boss had told them how cool our office looks, they went to see the pixx at our site, they called and wanted the location. Result: We weren't working today.

In the morning I was taking advantage of that by sleeping longer and having some extra quality breakfast time at home. Then I went for two hours to the office to have a look.

After that little interlude of "work" (haha), I went to Photoclub Ennea and printed some pictures. That's "printed" as in "in a darkroom, on a photographic enlarger, involving light-sensitive paper and lots of chemistry". It's been a while since I've done that kind of stuff. Well, I got it to work, but I'm not yet satisfied with the result, some more practice and tinkering will be required. Also I'll need to get some fiber based paper... and pay for it.

As for the film crew: They had an Arri camera (film, not digital) and lights. They also had some little Elinchrom flashes, but only as decoration, since our office was masquerading as a photographers place. Well, look how funny, whenever someone was taking a pic with flash, the Elinchroms slave cell was triggering the flash too :-).

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