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28 May 2010

Ups, I did... C#

So, *that* was what that file ending meant

Since some time now, I'm finishing up a project for someone else (long story). There's a lot of Flash involved (aua) and some rudimentary cms in some files that run in a Micro$oft .NET environment. Today, as I was searching for a solution for a very stupid error message, it finally dawned on me that I was in fact doing C#! So, that was what that .cs file ending was all about! (If you don't know this: "C#" is not pronounced "See-Pound" or "See-Hash", but "See-Sharp", ergo .*cs*harp, duh.)

As my friend Javier put it: Now I could even write in my C.V. that I have experience in C#. In fact, I think C# is a very nondescript language. Could be almost anything, JavaScript, ActionScript, any language with c-style-braces all over, like dogsh*t in the park. (Uhm, why, yes, I'm a python programmer, why did you ask?) I didn't see anything using pointers, so I'm not so sure the reference to C is actually valid (I think I've heard that pointers are in there though). Why this language even exists? Beats me.

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