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09 June 2010

Sculptures by Vana Xenou

Sculpture Exhibition at the National Garden

These days the moment there is a sculpture exhibition taking place at the National Garden (next to Syntagma Square) in Athens. The sculptures are by Vana Xenou (Βάνα Ξένου). The exhibition will be there till some time in August. When you enter the gardens from the entrance with the palm trees on Amalias, next to the parliament, you can find some information sheets. The sheets have a description in Greek and the positions of the exhibits marked on a map of the park.

I always get lost in the National Garden. So after the 3rd time there, I'm still not sure I've seen all of the sculptures. There are some that I like very much, that really work well in the surroundings. There are others that speak less to me, as is expected with any collection of art pieces.

The first times there, I've taken some "notes" (fast pictures taken with my mobile phone) and today after work I carried the Arca-Swiss there. I took one picture of one of the sculptures. No need to hurry, this is large format photography. Also I was a bit tired after working all day, also expected. I'm sure I'll go back and take some more slow pictures.

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