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10 June 2010

Bus Line 400 at Final Stop

Public Sightseeing Bus line stopped due to "lack of demand"

Saw this in the newsletter of the German newspaper for Athens, verified it according to a press release on the site of OASA. Apparently the public bus system "sightseeing bus line 400" was stopped on the first of June 2010, due to "not enough demand". I took this bus for a test-ride in 2006 and liked the concept. Back then, the bus was running in 30 minute intervals.

Last years change to 1 hour intervals probably didn't make the service more interesting. The bus concept really was made for an almost spontaneous concept of a sightseeing tour: get on the bus and visit all the major scenes in your own rhythm. With 1 hour intervals, you'd have to time things much more careful. But anyway, that's the past now.

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