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17 June 2010

A Little Heat Wave

Combining some heat factors

This week we have some factors that play together to give us here in Athens a first little heat wave for this year. First there is of course the weater itself. It's sunny all over, with almost no wind. Then there is some dust from the Sahara in the atmosphere. What little wind there is, is coming from the south, bringing us hight humidity levels for what we're used to. Then there's some human made stuff: The Metro (line 2 and 3, blue and red of the subway system) are on strike for two days now and will be on strike tomorrow. This leads to an increase in traffic. Which in turn leads to an increase in pollution. It only gets hotter. People with breathing related problems are asked by the authorities "to take care" or something.

Personally, I'm sitting outside on the terrace of my place. I get to enjoy every little bit of wind and it doesn't feel all that stuffy like it does inside. The inside of my place is another story. Since there is only a concrete slab for a roof, no isolation whatsoever, the place gets really hot. Well, I sit here outside and wait for the temperature of the roof slab of concrete to come down a bit. It's actually warm to the touch, not like an oven or a cooking plate, but like a heating radiator.

I do have an airconditioner now. It's an oldish affair though, that cost me a bunch of money in electricity bills, when I tried to use it to heat up the place in winter. I tried it out and it manages to cool the place to acceptable levels, which means something at or a bit below 30ªC. One early evening that I did that, I stopped it to get some lemonade. Came back 5 minutes later to find the place as hot as it was before.

So my plan is more on a low tech way to get the place to acceptable levels. When the concrete slab of a roof does not any more feel hot to the touch, I declare the place fit to sleep in. I'm not too picky to sleep in the heat, see? The plan: Two ventilators are pushing cool air from the outside in. They are on the one side of the building, together with the little bit of wind forming a draught through the structure. I took the rubber hose that is there to water my 3 plants and threw some water on the roof. Not too much, I don't want to waste any water, but a few times a little bit to evaporate and shed some temperature in the process. Then I wait and enjoy the breeze outside.

What I really miss is some kind of garden furniture sofa thing out here. If I had that, I'd probably stay half the night out here too. The traffic would die down a little bit more later, there are no noticeable mosquitoes to disturb me, I'd probably doze off a bit too.

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Re: A Little Heat Wave

Air con units are the same all over the world they cool the room down but the moment you turn them off the room will return to it normal state in 5 - 10 minutes, This was commented on by some friends who live in Thailand where air con is a must for about 9 - 10 months of the year and they cost a fortune to run

Regards Sam

Posted by: Samantha@ Living In The Sun at June 18,2010 08:06
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