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21 June 2010

European Music Day Post without Information

Having had a good time though
Drummers Band at the Kerameikos in Athens

These days there's the European Music Day (or rather: Days) spectacle going on in Athens. Free concerts on the squares of Athens. Yesterday evening there was very good weather to go along with it too. Just a little bit cooled down from last weeks 40ºC down to something like 32ºC. We went first to Klathmonos square (smack in the center of Athens, next to Panepistimio station). There we heard a band playing something like rockpopping, english inspired band music. They were obviously from Greece, but not having the program with us, we had no idea who they were.

They did play to my liking though. Sure, the slower, more ballad like songs were not made to keep the small crowd of listeners grooving around, but the more rocky songs, the ones where the singer was screaming it out, kept us rocking. There was a huge black guy right in the front of the stage who was dancing it out by himself. There were various other people in the audience dancing along too. I had a look at the program today and it seems likely that we listened to the "Travel Mind Syndrome".

Band playing at Klathmonos square, probably "Travel Mind Syndrome"

We went on to Gazi, since the program had something about Funk/Jazz there. When we arrived at Kerameikos station and walked in direction of the Gazi, we heard some drums from one of the newly made park areas there. We stopped by and noticed a huge drum playing band, brazilian style, just starting to drum it out. We stayed around and enjoyed the drumming and the show as they also made some dance-like steps and overall had a good time themselves.

Then we went on to the concert at the Gazi. There was some pop band playing, nothing that interested us. Or much anybody, as there weren't that many listeners either. We returned to the drummers where by now the crowd was bigger than at the official concert. Hey, the groove was much better. There were a lot of people now, kids playing and dancing along with the drummers, older people dancing. We stuck around for some time, then went home for a nice sleep in the now a little bit cooler nights. Overall we'd listened to three bands, not knowing any of their names, but we had a good time.

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Re: European Music Day Post without Information

I wish I was there. Sad I missed last night :(

Posted by: traveler at June 21,2010 20:15
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