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22 June 2010

Advertising Everywhere

... rhymes to: "like they just don't care"
Personal ad on bus handlebar

Man, advertising sometimes is everywhere. Go on the web with someone who hasn't seen the web before (ok, hard to find these days) and you have to explain to them that, "those flashing colorful things? that's just advertising, just ignore it". It's the real life equivalent of those adverts on the handlebar things in the bus. Come on, advertising everywhere?

Well, this morning, while coming back from the national garden to take another picture of a sculpture from Vana Xenou at the exhibition there, I saw this gem. The usual teen graffiti brought to all new heights and somehow an unintentional good remark on putting ads everywhere. It's been there for some time if we can trust the date in there (click the image for a slightly larger size).

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Re: Advertising Everywhere

...but the youngs girls' ad / graffiti on the left handle is a good answer at the commercialization: "Stella + Fifi = friends for ever", date provided! Well done, girls!

Posted by: Panagiotis at July 07,2010 16:08
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