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03 July 2010


First Swim of 2010

It's been a week of hard, not too successful work. But thanks to some friends with a car, finally this morning we made it to the beach and I had my first swim in 2010. It's kind of late in the year. Thinking of it, I can't say what kept me. Always there seemed to have been some reason or other. Of course around Athens the beaches are not so nice, etc. etc.

Well, there I am, in the water. First moment was a bit cold, as usual. Then that great feeling of splashing in and being carried. The old camera is still watertight, even after its repair. I'll hopefully make a lot more underwater pictures this year, some of them nice, most of them boring, but who cares, it's summer!

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Re: Splash!

Godd photo, loving dive-photos, waiting for more :P

Posted by: r0sk at July 05,2010 00:30
Re: Splash!

jaaay! another underwater picture!. But, hold on... where is the big turtle? ;) I hope you are enjoying your time in naxos. Don't worry about the work, once you've relaxed your self a little bit you will be back to the usual production-style coding.


Posted by: Wu at July 08,2010 19:21
Re: Splash!

I sure do love bebu's diving pictures as well :-). It conveys a sense of peace and fun. Great one buddy.

Posted by: saad at July 24,2010 07:21
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