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08 July 2010

Second Week of Work on Naxos

...drawing to an end

My second week on Naxos is slowly coming to an end. I've managed to go for a swim three times (twice on the weekend, once on an evening). I've worked 8 hours every working day. Not too succesful... I think I could have done better. But I've slowly overcome some obstacles in the code, which is something too. Now further changes will be a tiny bit slicker and with every step they get easier.

Most evenings I was out taking pictures with the Arca. Not as persistent or productive as I was in spring. A bit more relaxed and lazy and very happy. When I was taking that picture in the little church yard there, I was so happy and relaxed, I thought I wouldn't care much if I didn't get to take the picture. It was such a nice moment in itself. In the end I found a good angle for a picture I think - and even though I took some time maybe I didn't totally miss the best light.

I still can't manage to go and take pictures in the morning too. Sleeping in the country side is just too sweet and relaxing. Makes it hard to get up. During the daytime it's too hot to go photo walking in the landscape. It's OK to take the occasional picture in a village, but with the midday hours I'm more productive working on the computer in the coolth of the house.

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