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15 July 2010

Yes, I'm Back in Athens

Since Sunday actually

Last Sunday I returned from Naxos. On a boat filled to the last place. Lots of tourists too, so I guess the tourism industry can't complain that there are no tourists at all. It was good to leave in a place that's easy to get to from the port in Pireus. After traveling by boat it's nice to get home fast and take a break.

On Monday I went to the National Garden (next to Syntagma square) with the Arca and took lots and lots of (well, for the standard of working with the Arca... about 27) pictures of Vana Xenou's sculptures there. I got the films developed and (rough, low quality) scanned on Tuesday. I think I did a good job, except for the last few one's, when I was too tired after a day out in the dust and the heat. The main point was to be at each sculpture at the right time when the sun would peep through the large trees around everything... and then get a good point of view and don't f* up the composition. Maybe I'll post some pictures somewhere.

The duration of the exhibition was extended to somewhere in September. Plenty of time for a pleasant stroll through the park to see some sculptures!

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Re: Yes, I'm Back in Athens

I'd love to see those pictures!

Posted by: saad at July 24,2010 07:24
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